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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

bagsidentity at SUNTEC!

bagsidentity will be going to Mega Flea Market 8!

Date: Sat 24 to Sun 25 Aug 2013
Time: 11am to 7pm
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre, Hall 404, Booth E01


* clearance pieces for GUCCI
* sale prices!

For enquiries, please email to
Details can be found HERE at Facebook


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Great Singapore Sale (GSS) 2013 at

GSS2013 at bagsidentity is HERE!
please apply DISCOUNT CODE "GSS2013" at checkout
the graphics at the homepage are not showing up but the website is working fine. just click on the individual brands to view the items. don't forget to "show all" so that you don't need to keep clicking "next".




for enquiries, please email to

* includes sales section
* not valid for pre-orders/back orders
* excludes shipping charge (local courier delivery at flat rate of sgd8 per location.
for overseas shipping rates, please email to to enquire on actual rates.
* for multiple items purchase to single delivery location, excess courier charges will be manually refunded within 48h

Sunday, February 24, 2013


[Tue 26 Feb till Fri 1 Mar 2013]
* last orders with payments successfully received by bagsidentity on SUN 24 FEB 8PM will be delivered on MON 25 FEB, 2-5pm
* shipping/delivery will resume on SAT 2 MAR, 2-5pm

meanwhile, you can still shop 24/7 at
will be back with SURPRISES! stay tuned!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

20% SALE

needless to say more. START SHOPPING NOW!

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Terms and Conditions:
* unique 20% discount code is valid storewide at
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* no minimums required
* not valid for pre-orders or back-orders
* separate charges apply for local/international deliveries
* please email to to enquire on international freight charges
* not to be used with existing/ongoing/concurrent promotions/sales/discount vouchers
* please ensure that your FB profile setting is set accordingly such that bagsidentity can verify points 1-4
* bagsidentity reserves the right to refuse/nullify/void any invalid/incomplete/unfulfilled requirements

Monday, October 1, 2012


all paid orders by {THURS 4 OCT 8pm} will be delivered on {FRI 5 OCT 2-5PM}
all orders (with payment successfully received by bagsidentity) made during the NO SHIPPING DATES will be promptly shipped (international) / delivered (local) on {TUE 16 OCT 2-5PM}

meanwhile, you can still shop 24/7 at


Monday, August 6, 2012

hari raya promotion NOW on at !
1 item = 10% discount
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Friday, June 22, 2012

collaboration with Lace And Buttons

this is a collaboration with Lace And Buttons.

Lace And Buttons ( is for the independent women who want to express their femininity and sensuality to the fullest through our collection of stylish apparels. We are recommended by Straits Times Urban in 2012 as a unique online store in Singapore. Find affordable casual tops to elegant party dresses among our collections.

We are committed to help you look good by providing the following:

a) A Free Body Shape and Style Personality test that helps us understand you better and recommend apparels that we feel bring out your individuality.

b) 14 days return policy for size exchanges.

To make the shopping experience even better, Lace And Buttons is giving up to 40% off their apparels this Great Singapore Sale. 

In addition, Lace and Buttons is giving a 10% discount on regular-priced items for bagsidentity's customers till 30 June 2012. 

Just send us an email ( with subject "bagsidentity Promotion" on the products you will like to purchase and we will send you an invoice with the discounted price. Discount is not applicable with any other promotion.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

no shipping dates

no shipping dates: SAT 2 JUNE till THURS 7 JUNE 2012

last order by thur 31 may, 8pm. 
orders with payments successfully received by bagsidentity by thurs 31 may, 8pm (singapore time) will be delivered on fri 1 june, 2-5pm.

all orders after the cut-off time will be delivered on fri 8 june, 2-5pm.

meanwhile, you can still shop at
happy shopping!
for enquiries, please email to

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

bagsidentity is TWO!

if you want NEXT DAY DELIVERY, last orders must be received (with payment successfully received by bagsidentity) by friday 27 april 2012, 8pm (singapore time). these orders will be delivered on sat 28 april 2012, 2-5pm.

for all subsequent orders, they will be processed and delivered on wed 3 may 2012, 2-5pm.

madame bagsidentity will be taking a 'lil break :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

20% discount for GUCCI ready-stock

rolling out PART 1 of bagsidentity's ONLINE SALE:

no discount code is required :)
FREE LOCAL doorstep delivery :)
valid till sat 31 mar 2012
NOTICE: i've ran out of paper carriers. will be using plastic carriers instead. if you are particular about FANCIFUL looking carriers, apologies. i don't have any. please do not purchase in this case. seeking your understanding in this matter.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a lesson learned
the article can be found here,6879,205372,00.html

i first wrote this at my facebook on 12 jan 2012. i guess i forgot about keeping a more permanent record of it here at blogspot. hence, here it is. late but better than never.

today is wed 11 jan 2012. my factual account of my side of the story.

hamidah has been a regular client of bagsidentity since aug-sep 2011. i am unable to pinpoint exactly when she bought the first bag from me as she identified herself as hamidah or ida. i have a few clients named hamidah. her contact number was also new to me then. however, i didn't pay much attention to it as i'm always glad to be of service to bagsidentity's clients.

over the course of the following several months, she bought several bags from me. each time, she would either internet bank transfer to me or cash-on-delivery. 

each time, she would get her brother or husband to collect the bags from me. sometimes, she would say that she needed the bags immediately as she was going to johor bahru to pass the bags to her cousins. i assumed that she had a large family, especially when she said that she had cousins in malaysia. 

each time, upon confirmation of her orders, her brother or her husband would collect the bags from me on the very same day that hamidah/ida placed her order with me. throughout all these while, her orders were either via smses or phone calls. she was sweet and polite over the phone. her husband and brother seemed to be nice guys too. i thought she had such a wonderful husband who always helped her to collect the bags from me. i also thought that she had such a helpful brother who always collected the bags on her behalf whenever her husband was unavailable. sometimes, both of them (her husband & brother) would arrive in the same car to collect the bags from me. i really thought she had such an awesome family.

on 21 dec 2011, usually, i only passed the bags to her husband/brother upon receipt of payment (hamidah/ida would usually smsed me to inform me that she had transferred to me already). however, on that particular day, she didn't transfer the money to me but her brother was already at my doorstep. since she had always been prompt in paying me & had been a regular client, i didn't insist that her brother should pay me on the spot. i passed him 4 coach bags worth sgd1352. when her brother had left, i smsed her to inform her that her brother had collected the bags from me. she replied that she was currently on her way home & would transfer to me when she got home. it was about 11pm+ then.

a day passed and she had not transferred the payment to me. when i smsed her, she replied that her father-in-law had passed away & she was attending to the funeral wake. i sent my condolences to her & told her that i trusted her & that she could pay me after the funeral wake. i told her to take care of herself during the trying period on the passing away of a loved one.

two weeks passed and i didn't receive any news from her. i smsed her to check with her how she was. basically, it was radio-silence since 21 dec 2011.

feeling sorry for myself, i posted a note on my facebook wall on 4 jan 2012, briefing describing my agony. i didn't post any descriptions which would identify her as i trusted that she might indeed be in some kind of trouble.

on 5 jan 2012, i posted more descriptives with regard to what happened to me. more people offered suggestions to me. in my posts, i repeatedly mentioned there must've been some miscommunication/misunderstanding some where. if hamidah/ida was indeed in some form of financial difficulties, i was willing to hear her out & offered a mutually agreeable solution, e.g. instalment plans.

on sat 7 jan 2012, i was at mega flea market 6 at expo hall 6b. a malay lady walked by my booth with her sister & mother. they commented that they had ordered a similar bag as what i had displayed in my booth. however, she mentioned that it was scam. she told me that the scam was posted on the new paper and berita harian.

i told her how i could emphatise with her as my trust was also betrayed by a regular client who "took" 4 bags from me without paying me. i told her that my client's father-in-law had passed away. she commented that my story sounded familiar. she asked me for my client's name. i told her it was hamidah. she asked if it was hamidah othman. we took out our mobile phones to check her mobile phone number. it was spot-on! only then did reality set in. i was cheated!

soon after that, another malay lady commented that my bags were similar to what she had ordered before. my heart leaped. i asked her if it was hamidah othman. it was jackpot again.

shortly later, a third lady came to me to inform me that she was also a victim.

i was devastated. 

by then, many kind souls provided more leads with regard to her whereabouts. the comments and photos in the group of fellow victims at facebook provided more clues & information. some people got their money back. of course, deep inside me, i wished i were the one.

i smsed hamidah/ida & her husband periodically. no reply whatsoever.

a reporter from berita harian phone-interviewed me on 10 jan 2012.
the article can be found here.,6879,205372,00.html

i told the reporter that now that the scam was uncovered, my speculation of hamidah/ida's story was as such:
i might be one of her many suppliers. her husband & brother were her runners. i told the reporter that i was very upset that it was family of swindlers. i told her that i felt that my complete trust in her was betrayed. i also told her i still hope that hamidah/ida would attempt to contact me so that we could come to a mutual agreement.

my last resort was to lodge a police report.

today, 11 jan 2012, i received a phone call in the afternoon from a guy who identified himself as hamidah's husband. he told me that he would be transferring sgd1352 to my bank account. all the details which he had were correct. about 10mins later, he called to inform me that the transfer was completed & he offered to give me a transaction reference number. i told him that i would check my bank account later. when i asked him what happened, he said that he had no comment.

when i checked my bank account (in fact, i went to check again now; just in case my eyes were playing tricks on me in the afternoon), the money has been returned! i was overjoyed!

i smsed hamidah/ida and her husband, thanking them for the money returned.

it was an episode which i would never forget. this will definitely change the way i deal with business in future. apologies to all my regular clients. henceforth:

no payment = no order
no trust whatsoever; it's strictly business.

hamidah/ida, if you are reading this, i'm not sure what exactly made you want to cheat others of their money. whatever your reason is, i know that you/your family has been trying to refund other victims (from the posts published in the victims page). i still want to believe in the good in you, okie? (i hope others will not get mad at me for making such a statement, especially if you are still waiting for your refund.) turn over a new leaf. 

this has definitely affected the local online shopping scene. i stress again, all my designer bags (coach, kate spade & gucci) are ready-stock in singapore, purchased with hard-earned cash from the usa, 100% authentic, all new with price tag intact (price tag in usd, not sgd). i welcome you to visit my home in serangoon gardens for cash-on-delivery, if you feel more secured this way. drop me an email to to arrange for one on weekday evenings :)

for now, i'm just thankful & grateful that the entire episode is over. i hope everyone gets their money back. i hope all the other victims will get their money back soon. i knew how the agonizing wait felt like. i hope no one will ever need to experience this ever again.

Friday, January 20, 2012


open for 3 days only
valid till sun 22nd jan 2012, 10pm, singapore time
please check for details at FACEBOOK

Sunday, January 1, 2012

bagsidentity will be GOING OUT!

click on the image for details :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

10% storewide discount :)

13% OFF for our VIBB awesome peeps
just use your VIBB codes & check out as usual 
* valid till christmas day or while stock lasts
* valid storewide, including sales sections
* strictly no reservations & no exceptions
* not to be used with existing promotions/specials
* no minimum purchase

Thursday, December 1, 2011

no shipping dates

to all bagsidentity's cute peeps, please note the "no shipping dates" from fri 2nd till sun 4th dec 2011. for all paid orders, your bags will be promptly delivered to your doorstep on mon 5th dec 2011. 
(shhhhhh. lovely shoppe surprises unveil next week!)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Apply "TAKE5"  to Discount Codes during Check-Out to Enjoy 5% DISCOUNT STOREWIDE, including SALES section! ***
vibb members, drop me an email to for your exclusive discounts :)
(valid till Thur 17th Nov 2011, midnight (singapore time)

Saturday, October 1, 2011


GUCCI pre-orders starts NOW!
details are found at FACEBOOK!

Monday, September 26, 2011


5% STOREWIDE DISCOUNT + FREE local doorstep courier delivery at from NOW till FRI 30th SEP, 8pm (singapore time)
all paid orders by 8pm each day will be delivered by 2-4pm the next day
no discount code required
you can pay either by credit card (via paypal) or internet banking (posb/atm)
a 'lil something for the upcoming NO SHIPPING period SAT 1ST OCT TILL SUN 16TH OCT 2011

hope this brightens your week & your wait as bagsidentity continues to bring in more goodies :)

Monday, September 12, 2011


in order to make up for the NO SHIPPING period during early oct 2011, bagsidentity will be releasing some DEALS of the DAY! please keep your eyes peeled!

applicable for this DEAL of the DAY ONLY! SALE will end on tue 13 sep 2011, 8pm (singapore time) sharp.

usual price: sgd250

payment mode by internet banking only (posb/dbs).
please transfer to dbs savings plus account, 00 66 05 4488. bank branch is queensway. 

please note that for all successful paid orders by 8pm daily, the earliest delivery is 2-4pm the next day (including weekends & public holidays). 

once payment is made, please email to with your transaction number together with your initials used during the transaction. please note that interbank (different banks) transfer may take up to 2-3 business days.

all sales are FINAL. no exchanges. no returns.

Monday, August 22, 2011


* valid from mon 22 aug till fri 26th aug (midnight), singapore time
* 5% discount excludes freight / delivery charges
* strictly no extensions and not applicable for backorders
* bagsidentity reserves the right to release your item(s) if payment has not been received within 12hr upon placement of order during this sales period
* freight / delivery charges for combined shipping (i.e. more than 1 item) will be manually refunded within 24hr upon successful order confirmation with payment successfully transferred to bagsidentity
* bagsidentity reserves the right to amend these terms & conditions, with or without any prior notice
* bagsidentity reserves to have the final decision should there be any dispute

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

kate spade new arrivals in aug 2011

don't forget to check out KATE SPADE NEW ARRIVALS at bagsidentity's OFFICIAL online shoppe at
you can also check out the photos at FACEBOOK.
for all enquiries, please email to


head on to bagsidentity's OFFICIAL online shoppe & start shopping! i'll be updating the new arrivals over this period of time. so please stay tuned! 

Friday, July 29, 2011

presenting to you - the official launch of !!!
you can start shopping at bagsidentity's very own online shoppe! happy shopping!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

coach 16908 - perforated leather brooke (light grey) OR (black)


bagsidentity's price: sgd358 (ready-stock)

Coach Perforated Leather material with leather trims.
Coach Signature Sateen Material with Leather Trim. 
13" double shoulder strap & 8" Drop.
Silver Tone Hardware. 
1 interior large zip compartment. 
Zipped top closure with leather pull, 2 interior multifunction pocket. 
Appr Size : 13(L) x 10.5(H) x 5(W)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

kate spade - kent leather alexandra (black) (SOLD)

bagsidentity's price: sgd318 (ready-stock)

Approximately measures: 15" X 9" X 6.5"
KS smooth leather in black
front pocket with gold grommet and signature latch closure
magnetic snap tab closure
Kate Spade license plate
side leather detailing
double leather handles about 6" drop
Kate Spade New York embossed at the bottom
fully lined black/white polka dot print fabric
zipped pocket with leather trim
two slit pockets
Comes with a Kate Spade dustbag